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sound effects and pantera

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i was wondering about doom's sfx. i could probably make a HUGE list over movies and related such, that have had doom sfx in them.

movies where elevators have the doom elevator sound effect.

movies that has zombie grunts.

i've even encountered an classic arcade game i think was called "arabian nights" which has the whip sound effect from icon of sin.

it's unbelievable how many sound effects from doom that are used in all kinds of movies.

does anyone know if bobby prince created these effects from scratch?
it certainly appears so and my guess would be that he is still making good money out of the doom sound effects.

this is probably no news to you guys but i'll bring it up anyway:

a few of the doom songs are actually just ripp-off-licks from pantera.

"mouth for war", "rise" and "this love" are three songs which includes riffs that are also in doom.

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Uh, if you read the FAQ, you'd know that Doom got all of it's sound effects from a stock effects library, most likely a five dollar CD. They're all over the place if you listen...

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farbeyonddriven said:
a few of the doom songs are actually just ripp-off-licks from pantera.

Most people already know that... But I don't know about the doom sfx being used all over the place... however I've heard the same SFX from some N64 games and some recent games (HL2 for example) in lots of movies. For example, in the movie SAW (the first one), one of the cops loads a shell into his shotgun, and it makes the same shotgun loading sound as HL2's.

I wouldn't generally expect to hear doom sounds in any other place due to their lack of sound quality.

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It was a joke playing off Coopers... I was also grabbing a +1 post count for the 'laughing and the joking for make you to smile'.


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Relica Religia said:

A lot of Doom's sound effects are just generic freeware effects. I don't know how it "certainly appears" that Bobby Prince made all of them.

well. the reason for my "certainly appears so" statement comes from the fact that i have mostly heard the effects in movies that were made AFTER doom's release. i've never heard any of these effects in movies prior to doom's release and that's the reason for my "certainly appears so" statement.

have to put up som defence despite my foolishness. hehe :)

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