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4 feature requests

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1. set the length of a linedef regardless of the size of the grid, or without having to use the mouse

2. a command to unstitch vertices and linedefs. currently to unstitch something, i would have to redo the sector/line :(

3. have the whole map snap to the 64 grid size regradless of current used grid size, so it will automaticly align my flats

4. i know doom builder is not a wad editer, but could it add custom textures into the wad file and generate the required lumps for custom textures when i save the map. not only does this save me time having to create this afterwards, i shouldnt have to reload the custom texture wad i was using. also i have no idea how to create the lumps for custom textures, so its also newbie friendly

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You can snap the map into the 64 grid by looking at the highlighted 64 grid lines. Those lines are visible in all grid sizes below 64 and 64.

So, just select the whole map and move it...

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unstitch would be nice, if someone could think of a handy way of implimenting it. just the other day i wanted to seperate a door-jam sector from the room it was attatched to to add some detail sectors and extra corridor-age between. i had to make a new sector in front of the old door jam and delete it then get rid of the new hole in the room to put the wall back where it was.

perhaps if in sector mode you CTRL+SHIFT+drag a sector (or selected groups) it moves it all independantly of all the stuff that is unselected, recreating needed vertices and linedefs as need be (edit: perhaps after you've finished the move)

i say CTRL+SHIFT so it's not something you'd do by accident, heh.

for lines and vertices it'd be more difficult as it'd be less clear what you wanted to move and what you wanted to leave behind.

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i figured how to do this for sectors

1. move the selected sectors with the stitched linedefs/vertices missing

2. find joined linedefs

3. clone attatched vertices, move cloned vertices to new location

4. clone linedefs, ditto

5. remove sidedefs from old linedefs that refer to moved sectors

6. remove sidedefs from new linedefs that rever to existing sectors.

upper/lower textures may be lost or exist where they're no longer needed, but hey, no worries!

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