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Does anyone have this demo laying around? I lost my original file and searched and searched online over the weekend.

Anywho, I'm trying to show my friend some of the better DM player replays. Only people that come to mind are NoSkill and Thresh..I didn find a Thresh replay, but not nosvsevl.lmp.

Who's number one in D2 DM these days?

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Lvangundy said:
Who's number one in D2 DM these days?

That must be either Ralphjis, or Romero.

But seriously; it's very hard to say who's "the best" without a centralized official playing field where to compare.

This page has some superb demos.

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John R. still plays???

Thanks for the file, I would have found it if I typed "nos_evl.lmp" duh duh, not "nosvsevl"

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