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eaiser way to copy+paste

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is there an eaiser way to copy+paste stuff? im having hard time doing it, cus the sectors i paste are broken and i have to tell some linedefs that there facing into the sectors i pasted it near

sometimes, a solid wall becomes unsolid
and i have no way to make it solid again
without redoing the sector

my map is a total mess atm, i have to remap the whole thing cus i was copy and pasting stuff. could someone look at it and tell me when if there is a feature in doom builder already to fix it, or prevent it from happening?

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Select the unsolid line. Edit its properties. Add the impassable flag and take away the double sided flag. Switch to the sidedef view and take away the second sidedef.

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there must be some way you more experinced mappers do it tho

lets say im trying to create some sectors for lighting for a lamp thing

then i want to make the exact same for the next lamp, if i dont copy+paste. its going to be somewhat different. im a very symmetrical mapper :p i always make sure if i make 2 or more of one thing, that they are exactly the same size

and its sometimes hard to do that at a small grid size. maybe i need grid numbers
or a ruler or something in doom builder

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