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Kenny McCormick

Spider Mastermind or Cyberdemon?

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Which do you think is the better boss, and why?

Me, I prefer the Cyberdemon. Sure the Spider Mastermind has 1000 more hp, but when you shoot the bloody thing, no pun intended, it just stands there; part of the damage routine, it can't fire or move while stunned from a hit. So if you have a full backpacked plasma rifle, you'll clear through him in no problem.

The Cyberdemon on the other hand takes a bit of work, since he can't be stunned. Plus he looks a lot more intimidating than some big brain mass on robot legs. Reminds me of the Bo'maar monks from ROTJ, Mr. Spidey does.

Just imagine Doom 3 with the Spider Mastermind at the end instead of the Cyberdemon...not to mention you've already fought that spider mother twice...

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It depends on the situation. Cyberdemon missiles can be dodged easily if given enough room, but in close quarters are harder to deal with (not to mention splash damage even if you partially evade. On the other hand, Spider Masterminds are simple to kill if you have some cover, but will shred you out in the open.

As far as health, the Cyberdemon has more than the Mastermind. (4000 and 3000 respectively) The Mastermind can also be taken out with one BFG blast if you know what you're doing. I, personally, would go with the Cyberdemon, but Masterminds can be more dangerous when used properly.

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A better boss? I sure (as Hell) wouldn't work for either! Look at what they do to their subordinate monsters when they get pissed at them...

We have pondered on this subject not too long ago, here (and more, as Bashe linked.)

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