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Pope Guilty

Closing open sectors?

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I'm working on building a DM map, and I'm having a bit of trouble- I've left a couple of sectors unclosed, and I can't figure out how to close the sectors, since using line mode to close it would just create a new sector right over the one I'm trying to close. Any help?

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I had a sector in my map (which is gone now- Doom Builder crashed and now refuses to open the map, saying "Error 52 while opening map: bad file name or number"", and even deleting my .wad and restoring from backup doesn't help- that I drew to include a particular linedef, yet which appeared to have lost its association with that linedef. Entering sector mode and hovering over the sector showed that the linedef wasn't part of the sector, so I deleted the sector and redrew it. After setting my floorheight and the correct sidedefs, I tested again and got the same weirdness that tipped me off to the bad linedef in the first place. I went back to check, and sure enough, the linedef was once again not registering as part of the sector. I had DB check for errors, and that was when it crashed and stopped wanting to open my map.

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that will happen, there is a way to re-assign linedefs to there sectors

go into line mode and point them to the sector number for the front side and/or back side of the linedef that is open

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