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Naked Snake

the skulltag chronicals iii

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*Ok, in this one other FPS characters are in it.*

Caleb looked down into the pit, his demonic red eyes glaring as he watched the pitiful fools mindlessly shoot at eachother, with little or no planning, just actions. Actions, in this case, didnt speak louder than planning, because Caleb was doing very well with his plan. Guard the big gun and make sure nobody fucks with it. He grinned, watching another warrior fall, his blood pattering the ground like rain, and his screams of torment echoing in the arena. Caleb decided it was time to test this big gun. He raised the mighty weapon in his scarred hands, ravaged from many battles and centuries of weathering, and pulled the trigger. The gun whirred, then a bright green energy ball was cast forth from the mouth of the gun. Damnit, Caleb thought as he saw Duke move away, it missed. He was wrong, for the ball struck the wall behind Duke, and a cone of the energy stuck and killed Duke, slicing him in half.

"This not good" Wang said aloud as he checked the ammo in his shotgun. 15 shells left, and no ammo in sight. Shit, he would have to resort to his fists if needed. He ran forth, jumping over and sliding under oncoming rockets. He got close to his target, a man with armor on and a simple name plate that said "Ranger". He fired up at an angle from his place on the ground, and the buckshot tore up Ranger's inards as a cat tears through a bird. Ranger dropped his rocket launcher and wheezed, coughing up blood and clutching his gut. He looked down at Lo Wang, the master ninja assassin, with a look of hatred in his eyes. Wang paid no attention and promptly blew his brains out, making a nice pallete of grey on the rather brown and drab looking ground and the wall behind it. Bullets zipped by overhead so Wang decided that the ground was the best place to be at the time. He killed a few idiots who mistook him for a cadvre. They looked surprised when his shotgun spat forth its deadly payload, and even more surprised when they started to die. Wang heard the gunshots stop so he stood up, and ran for cover, just in case the person was just reloading. On his way for the little wall with a gunhole in the side, he scooped up a grenade launcher, which he felt was much needed at the time. A warrior is always ready to die...

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I made a poopie!

Good for you. May I see it? You're 14 right?

Prepare to receive a big box of "NOT ANTHRAX", folks...

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BAM! ZZ_TOPPER_X, armed with a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun and enough explosives to take out the Chinese army, busted through the wall in the A-Team van, with Mr. T, Dwight Schulz (H.M. Murdock), and the rest of the gang! Heck yeah!
ZZ raised his DB-Shotgun, and *BLAM!* Down went Wang. *BAM!*
Down went Caleb. *BAM BAM BAM BAM* Down went Duke, with his head blasted clear off (never liked him). All through this, Dwight was giving cover fire and Mr. T was swerving the van left and right, dodging the rockets as best as he could. ZZ then whipped out his rocket launcher! *Shreeeeeee...BOOM* Down goes Tarandino Cassatt! (ROTT, anyone?) *Shreee... BOOM* There goes... Gordan Freeman? Get his butt outta here. 'We don't take kindly to Half-Life'. Anywho, then someone grabbed the BFG, and blew up the van and all, with ZZ and the A-Team inside.

Then they respawned...

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Suddenly, DoomZero makes a stupid remark and is crushed by an Elephant.

(This post was not intended to make any sense what so ever)

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