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How to convert from NTFS to FAT32 ?

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Ok here goes....I'm planning to set up my computer to run a dual boot system with winXP pro and win98SE. However there is this problem I can't seem to get around. Win98SE needs a FAT32 partition, and I've only got NTFS on both harddrives here. How to convert back? winXP dosn't seem to offer any solutions to this. Do I need a smartass program ..or what?

Any ideas\help ...would be appriciated!

*lost doomer*

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I guess you are the henning that I record a lot of nightmare coop demos in norway back in 2001 ? :)

You got several ways to do that.
1- get hold of partition magic and convert one of your drives to FAT32, then make sure your NTFS HDD is disconnected when you install win98
2- save all the data on the HDD you want as FAT32, disconnect your winxp boot HDD, boot on the win98 CD and create a partition + format as FAT32, then install win98

after win98 is set up correctly, reconnect your winXP HDD, and choose in the bios what HDD you want to boot on ...

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Hey Vince, long time no see.

That sounds like beeing alot of effort. Don't got partition magic around. Mhmm thanks for helping out anyway. Learn something new every day ..huh!

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This isn't going to be easy.

PartitionMagic isn't free, so ouch. You might try wiping your drive, creation two FAT32 partitions, and going from there, but then you have to back up your data and deal with that nonsense.

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