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some annoying error

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yes doom builder is a good programme, but i agree with a few things that other people think. the thing i hate most about doombuilder is that 3 days ago i made a big level for my megawad and when i clicked the wall in 3d mode for it to texture it it came up with a message then shut itself down and the most worsest thing ---- i started a level based on a giant record player which had flashing lights a needle a record on the player and any other cool stuff that you would find it and heres the bad part - when i clicked the texture the programme instantly closed and the computer shut down instantly. when i went to restart the computer looks like doombuilder has deleted the system folder and the usual missing file repair button came up

the worst part - its going to take a lifetime to find a windows xp professional disk to repair the missing file. of course i dont blame the author, its the coding that you have to get accurate to make a programme like doombuilder. if there is one thing i could recommend the author of doom builder to fix is that extremely extremely annoying click texture/close programme error!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

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