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need help merging some flat and texture wads into iwad...

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Hey. I'm a Mac user. Hellmaker doesn't have support for external flats, it doesn't allow for an external texture wad, and it seems to overwrite external textures if I store them in the wad with the level I'm working on.

There are several custom texture and flat sets that I want to use things from in a level I'm working on, and the only way to make them show up in Hellmaker is to merge them with a copy of the IWAD.

I set up Virtual PC and tried both XWE and WinTex, neither of which seemed to do what I wanted.

XWE, after crashing more than fifteen times, just copied all the lumps into the IWAD. I didn't see any option to correctly organize all the flats and textures, and combine all the TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2 lumps. Is there something I missed there?

WinTex, once I finally got DeuSF and everything else it needed to run, didn't seem to do anything I wanted at all. It said it merged the wads, but the IWAD and the texture PWADs were still the same size as when I started.

Is there some way to easily get all these textures and flats usably into doom2.wad that I don't know about?


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