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Desyncs/Incompatibility (probably introduced in Boom)

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I thought I'd also post about this here, as it applies just as much to Eternity as it does to Prboom(-plus) - it's probably something introduced in Boom.

Eternity will not correctly play back the following three demos which can be found in hxhmplmp.zip: hx07-932.lmp, hx11-631.lmp and hx17-459.lmp. The hacx.wad is the one that can be found in the files-only package or the standard package, but the deh used is the one I have put here (don't use the hacx.deh in the standard package - it is different).

These three demos work correctly in Chocolate-Doom. I don't know what causes the desyncs. It might (or might not!) be some difference in the handling of dehacked stuff, but not the documented one about "Monsters Infighting", as that isn't used here.

The three demos desync in just the same way with Prboom-plus (the new version that removes a major bug in the dehacked support, and so enables most of the demos in this pack to play back OK), which is what leads me to suppose the problem dates back to Boom.

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It was true when I made this post on 15th November. You fixed the problem in a later test version of

Quasar: the details of the issue and Andrey's fix can be found in these three posts:

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