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Doom Depot ... update (tonite!)

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Ok, I'm bored. Though the newest version of the website has been written, it hasn't been uploaded to the webserver yet. But since I'm at school, and bored out of my mind, I'm writing the update post early. The new site will be up as soon as I get home in 4 hours.

Along with the toons up last week, there will be more toons in the "Weekly Toons!" section. The new series that will be up are: Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Beast Wars 2 (Japanese-subbed), Transformers Headmasters (Jap-dubbed), Transformers Masterforce (Jap-dubbed), and Transformers Victory (Jap-dubbed).

No new toons are up this week except for these. The next set of toons will be up next week. The reasoning for this is that my isp was having some problems and maintenance this week (and tonite between 1am and 6 am). This way, everyone gets a chance to download.

The toons list has been updated with the Transformers Robots in Disguise eps I picked up this week. Plus pics have been added for the majority of the toons in the list. When I find more, they'll be added. The new RID eps are also on the RID FTP.

Still haven't made up my mind if anything will go (other music, etc). We'll see what happens.

Once again, the updated site will be up in 4 hours. Enjoy!

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