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Need help with changing a color of a character in a DECORATE code!

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I am now making a DECORATE lump for a wad and I need someone to tell me how I can make the color of the character a certain color like red or blue. I don't want to use the bits code you would use in DEHACKED. Please assist!


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From this page

You can add the following to an actor definition.

Translation1 <x> - <x> is 0, 1, or 2 and corresponds to the standard Doom translations of gray, brown, and red.

Translation2 <x> - <x> is 0-255 and corresponds to a translation you set up in a level using ACS.

The second option is useful in conjunction with the stuff that Captain Red pointed you to.

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If you are using ZDoom 2.0.96x/GZDoom, you can also define translations in DECORATE like ACS. For example:

Translation "168:191=192:207","224:231=160:167"

The first one translates the reds in the actor to blues and the second one translates light yellows to dark yellows. The quote marks are important as is the comma.

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