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2 switches, switch both to open door, vanilla doom2

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my first thought was to have a sector th other side of the door with it's cieling height the same as the floor. ergo the door cant open as it's above the lowest cieling, but then realised i have no way of raising that cieling!

edit: figured it out i think, both have a fake switch in front that opens the fake switch out of the way of the other one, thus allowing access to the actual open door switch... maybe

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the issue i take with my proposed solution is the switch bug, wont the player still be able to switch the fake switch even though it's now in the floor/cieling? thus preventing them being able to use the visible real switch?

it'd be nice if the player could do them in either order, to keep the map route a bit open.

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You can't activate a switch that's behind a closed sector. But you can only activate one linedef at a time

  • , so with your solution I think the player would need to press one switch twice.

    * At least in standard DOOM.EXE. Boom ports have a PASSTHRU flag for linedefs to get around this.

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    You could also hide a switch behind the fake switch and have it open a small door to get to the real switch. OR have your switch open a small switch(s) alcove nearby. OR some combination of those.

    The player could open a switch if hidden in the floor or ceiling, so the above is probably best.

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    Long ago this was done by using a one time switch on a two sided line in front of a normal line.

    They would get pressed in order, the one on the two sided line first, and because it's a one time switch, the one behind would trigger on the second press.

    Also look at the switches in HacX on the first map, a small sector in front of a switch that opens when triggered. Many ways to do what you want vanilla flavored.

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    How bout setting up the door like this?

    ------------ 64

    switch 1 opens top and switch 2 lowers bottom.

    Just a suggestion.

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    yeah, that's probably what i'll end up doing, but i remember in the doom wads switches that dont work doing clunk, click when you press them. these methods leave a (fake) switch that doesnt do anything (press use and get the "ugh" sound).

    plus i'd like them to be activatable in any order, which could work with the fake switch frontages if you could get around the switch height bug. hang on i'll build a test demo map

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