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Cyberdemon clay model?

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I know that the cyber as other monsters was made using a clai model as a base. Any link to photos of that model?

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Only two images exist. Some old footage from the legacy video. And a dark silhouette of it in the id anthology booklet. A good picture of it does not exist.

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Archvile model (this may be the full size one I've heard about) + lots of "funny" pics of the id guys.

Id guys cars, a sketch of the EpisodeII ending pic and a Commander Keen pic (commonly seen one) more "funny" pics.

Sketches of a Wolfenstein Boss (I think) and a archie prototype sketch. Cammander keen sketch, more "funnies"

More "funnies" more keen, pics of the guys diskette copies of keen games

More "funnies" and sketches of BJ from Wolf

As above, +mancubus model

SOD tower sketch, othe Wolf sketches, more "funnies"

Doom marine, baron and box art sketches, "funnies"

Baron sketch, model Adrian working on model, hellish sketches

Bunny head sketch +"funnies"

Quake related sketches (shub, fish, player) +"funnies"

Spiderdemon model, revenant model, spine sketch, misc sketches, "funnies"

photos, a scan of something I don't recognise (a guy hanging tied by the wrists) a cybie pic in negative (could be the model???), cars, "funnies"

Cybie sketch

sk_snake sketch

Misc sketches including slipgate prototype, close up of mancubus model, "funnies"

negative image of Lost soul

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Technician said:

I wish someone would scan the entire boobklet for us.

I second that request.
Someone should create JPGs of every page and then upload it to some Freewebs or Geocities account or something.

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DarkJedi188 said:

Freewebs or Geocities

NOT GEOCITIES, EVER. If it was on geocities half the people here wouldn't be able to see it until the forum thread to announce it became out of date.

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None of those compares to the chair model from ROTT, a butt-ugly office chair covered in white plastic to look like Captain Kirk's chair, with a random Apogee guy sitting in it and looking menacing. Did I mention it was the final boss? :P

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Actually, the evil office chair man was the second boss in the retail edition, if I remember correctly. He might have been the boss at the end of the Shareware episode, if that's what you mean by him being the final boss. The final boss in the retail edition was some weird demon/magician type guy called El Oscuro, whose final form was a snake made from the man's head. You can read more about the game and some of its idiosyncrasies here.

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