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Koko Ricky

Doom style music I made

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I made some dark ambient tracks for a project of mine which is unnamed at the moment (it'll probably be called Dissonant Landscapes, or something with Dissonant in the title). I'd like to upload them to a music site somewhere so I can share it with you guys in case you'd want to use it in a mod or wad. What would be a good site to this?

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Neat. So anyone's free to use these in their wads if they want to?

I could probably find a pretty good use for some of these songs.

All in all, good job! They definitely sound like something you'd find in DOOM.

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Yeah, I'm giving premission to anyone who wants to use it. I want to get my name known, but I also think some people might want to use this kind of music in their wad if they're looking for metal.

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