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I get this weird memory overusage in DB

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Even if my map is huge already (over 20k linedefs) it just shouldn't take up this much memory. And another issue is the speed of the engine to render stuff in 3D mode. But that's not as important to look over I think.

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This could be the memory af all textures and flats you browsed through. You can turn off resource caching options to save memory, also decreasing the number of undo levels can save some memory.

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Very Wierd, i dont know anything in the doombuilder source that could cause that, unless youve got some extreme large wad loaded with alot of textures and resource precaching on...

Also i cared to notice you use a swedish language windows, cool, didnt know there where any swedish doomers other than me and kristus or whatever his name is. I'd really like to help you with your map, if you got any instant messages program or something, feel free to add me:

impClaw^hotmail.com *
impClaw^aol.com *
impClaw^yahoo.com *

(* change the ^ singns to @)


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my computer doesnt even have that much memory. i don't usually come across a level that is half a gigabyte. maybe it is that doombuilder has the same textures cached in memory many times.

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