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BSG Mod for FS2

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If anyone here likes Battle Star Galactica I may have a treat for you.
-12 mb
WMV= http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/Video/BSG_Mod_Teaser.wmv
-11 mb

Some Screenshot goodness

It's a mod for Freespace 2.

It's hosted at Game Warden with assistance from the main FS2 community over at Hard Light Productions. Be aware that it's still in it's early stages so what you see is not nearly how good it's going to look when completed.

Oh and P.S. If you don't have Freespace 2 that can be fixed, just join the boards at HLP and you will be guided from there.
EDIT: Almost forgot to link to the mod's homepage. http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/

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freespace 2 was an amazing game. I'd still be playing it today but one of the CDs was on the floor and I put a chair leg through it :(

I might see about rainstalling, looking at those pics makes me wanna play again.

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there is actually a clause in the EULA that permits distribution of the files. Weird but true.

And the underdogs version is shit. I've downloaded it before, all the movie files are missing, all the dialoge is missing... it went from an amazing, cinematic experience to a dull 'fly here, shoot this, fly back over here, shoot that, here is some space, there are some stars, repeat ad nausum'.

I'd rather not play freespace than play a butched version.

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