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New Linux Doom Updated.

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I have updated New Linux Doom.


Right click on the file to fetch. Tripod Suxorz. Or copy it into the address bar and hit enter. Works for me with Firefox on Windows. I think I might put the file onto Geocities and move the link to there if I am going to have this many problems.

I have removed all of the Windows djgpp code because I tried it on Windows and the executable would not run on 2000 & XP. It works better on Linux now, I am using the Linux doom soundserver code from version 1.10 and it runs very well up to 1280*1024 resolution. I just need to recode r_draw2.c to replace some asm code as that is causing crashes when playing Doom2 MAP26. The game segfaults when the lower area at the start comes into view. When you press the switch at the start.

But I will fix it soon I hope, then it will be right to go.

I have recoded the sound code to work with SDL! It is not working completely yet, but It will work. I therefore do not need the p.o.s soundserver. Esp since I upgraded to slackware and Kernel 2.6.12 and new glibc and I got an error when I tried to run the soundserver executable on that OS. But the video code works really well, so it is only the sound that needs work right now.

I am using SDL-1.2.8, but it should work with sdl-1.10. Once i fix the sound code it will be easier to get working on Linux.

Btw, This game can run high detail maps as I loaded FIZZB1 in it and it worked perfectly, so the weird crash is not due to the visplanes...

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