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EDGE help

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I downloaded the EDGE sourceport(Just to play a few wads and then delete it)but i cant get it to work. When i try to run it it says that It can not find an IWAD. I put a DOOM2 IWAD in the file folder but it still does not work. What should I do?

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What is the message now (after you copied DOOM2.WAD into the Edge folder) ?

Which version of EDGE is it?

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Strange, I can't reproduce this error.

Are you sure you are
1. simply dropping a copy of Doom2.wad into the same folder as Edge and then
2. double-clicking the edge32.exe (or gledge32.exe)?

Anyway, the current version of EDGE can be found here:


and some of the latest wads for EDGE use features specific to this version so you should get it and try it out. Let us know if you have the same problem with this version.

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Well it started work, and I guess that iy isnt the greatest port from doom that I played. I just wanted to play QDOOM ;p. Sorry about that I just needed to find out how to work it, but I thank you for the information that you have given to me. Thanks.

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