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good UV ratios in doom thing analyzer?

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new map has:

hitpoint/health: 3.272
hitpoint/ammo: 0.694

how's that? i dont fully understand, are lower values harder or higher values? e.g. a couple of maps about the right difficulty i tried have hitpoints/health at about 4. will be playtesting my map though but need to work on the skill levels other than UV too. heh

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Higher generally means harder, i.e., less health or ammo for given hitpoints. Actually, I've written a very simple little program that runs dmtha, makes it output stats in a file, collects a few numbers from it and gives just a single number. I run it every time before playing a map to evaluate my approximate chances of finishing it without savegames :)

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Those numbers sound okay. A hitpoint/ammo ratio of 0.7 could mean having to do some berserking/chainsawing, though, if one were to get many sub-optimal hits (i.e. 2 shotgun blasts for a shotgun guy, 2-3 for an imp, 4 for a demon, etc.).

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