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Would more ram help me?

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I went out and bought a Geforce FX 5500 graphics card for my computer and installed doom 3, I have it on low , 640 by 480 res with everything off. It runs at like 60 fps when idle, then like 30 to 40 fps in combat. But when I enter a new area itll pause for like 2 or 3 seconds then continue or when I shoot someone for the first time in a map. My computer specs are: AMD sempron 3000+ 2.0 ghz processor, 192 megs of ram. So if I were to buy 512 megs of ram, would it fix those problems?

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192 megs of ram is really, really low. Even if it won't up your fps, it should make your computer noticably faster. 512 is a good amount for most people, hardcore gamers usually have 1024, and fans of games like FEAR and Battlefield 2 sometimes have even more!

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Bastet Furry said:

I heard that it helps decompressing the pk4 files.
It brought my punny GeForce 3 a boost of 4 fps *g*

I did that once as well, and it made the game less stable. Eventually, I was forced to reinstall.

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Yes, more RAM will have a huge impact on "door lag" (heh, I like that phrase). I would recommend going farther that 512 megs if possible though. 1-1.5 gigs should almost completely eliminate this type of behavior altogether.

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