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WADs with best details/shadows?

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Which are your favorite most detailed WADs?
Or your favorite ones who have the most atmospheric use of shadows?

Which are the best tricks ever used in WADs?
Is there a website showing some of the old Doom vanilla tricks (bridges over bridges, etc.) with screenshots and explanations?

I have many in my mind but I just want to play more and perhaps I missed some. I am just curious..

p.s. Also, there was a WAD mentioned in some Iika keranen interview, of someone who beat his bridge record, with having much more number of bridges one over the other (I don't remember hw much). Which was that WAD? I could never find that out..

Mmm,. too many questions :(

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Well, you already mentioned Iikka, who figured out a lot of the hacks.

There's a hack I never seen before in Vexation DM by Toke aswell.

Barracks by Justin Madigan is a very bg map, with lots of tricks. They aren't exactly "new" though. But there's alot of them. :p

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I think "Phocas Island" is one of the .WADs with the best shadowing effects! :)
As for detail, there are lots of .WADs, which show high architectural quality and complexity, such as "Sacrifice in Blood" (good lighting here too!), "Hell Factory", "Vrack 3", "ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 1", "Phobos Anomaly Reborn" (nice lighting here too, as Tormentor667 noticed!), "Deus Vult", "RTC-3057 Blue Hub 1", "Yesterday's Nightmare", "Suspended in Dusk".

P.S.: Read their reviews at "Outpost of Doom 2", http://www.webalice.it/sposito.lag/!

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Thanks for all. There are some WADs I haven't played, some others I did played and some that I may not remember.

Phobos Anomally Reborn is great. I remember by the starting level that I had probably run this WAD in the past but I didn't remember the shadows (I guess I never finished it before, possibly because I was busy with real life and then forgot it in my HD?), strange. Now I idclipped and idcleved cause I was hungry for detail but I think I am gonna play it from the beginning once I find the time. Also, preety rare to see such kind of shadow use, like that even building cast their own shadows. Great!

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