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Videos of demos?

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Are there any videos of the best doom lmp's around? Esp. finishing doom 1/2 preety fast or in nightmare mode. Well,. I've no problem by running lmp's in doom, but it's not the same for people not involved in the doom scene. I'd like to show videos to some friends who can't afford finding/updating to the proper doom version and write the command lines to run them but like extreme videos of gameplaying. Perhaps someone thought to write some of the plays with a videograbber, perhaps not? Some people are surprised to hear that Map07 can be done in 6 secs for example, but they don't bother to find out how to run lmp's in doom. It would be better to show out what is possible through videos I think..

Also, have you ever thought to submit at least the very few classic lmps to http://www.super-play.co.uk/ as videos?

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