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Doom On GameCube Linux

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Looks like they are hooked up to an old Commodore Amiga monitor!

Anyhow, yes you can do this on the Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, and XBOX under Linux, infact on the XBOX you can run more than just that Vanilla DOOM crap which authors seem so stuck on sticking with when porting DOOM to a console. :/

Of course there was the port of DOOM Linux to the XBOX, but the guy just stopped working on it and lost his code. :/

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I remember HereticDS now, and there also a Doom 64 remake for DS coming out.

Also, for those of you that have a DS and don't feel like spending over $160 in Flashing eqipment, and have wireless internet, this might intrest you.

It's a WiFi passthrough for emulation, but you need a wireless card with a specific chipset (listed on the site).

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That wi-fi is limited to what kind of games and apps run with it. You are way ahead to pick up a GBAMP M3, a G6 V3, or a Super Card with latest firmware, of course you'll need to flash your DS or pick up the DS adaptor along with one of these cards.

DSHeretic does not run full speed.

And that DOOM64 thing isn't using the DOOM engine at all.

As for running WINE under DSLinux, that won't happen because the DS does not have Intel chips (thankfully), besides it doesn't have much RAM, nor CPU power so it wouldn't happen anyhow.
Also don't expect to run X on DSLinux either, everyting will be text based unless someone comes around and writes a (GASP) resource friendly GUI for Linux.

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I seemed to have no problem finding WifiMe Compatible homebrew, as there's a converter for some .ds.gba files.

dsHeretic seems to play fine for me thru WifiMe, as well as HexenDS.

And i'm well aware DoomDS isnt using the original engine, he's making his own engine for it, which includes 3D models for the enemies, weapons, and even wall textures.

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