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ZDoom Weapon Editing

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Hi all, new here. I was just wondering if there's any documentation to show how to edit weapon and other values using the features of ZDoom? I would want to basically just edit the weapons with the way the shoot, ROF and maybe some new sprites.

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If you're simply just wanting to edit weapons, I would suggest dehacked as it's much easier, but If you're wanting to drastically change the way a weapon behaves or add a completely new one in addition to the others, then decorate is the other option. You will need to have the unofficial community build of ZDoom to use decorate weapons, btw.

You can get WhackEd2 (for dehacked editing), here:

And information on using decorate with weapons is here:

If you need other help involving ZDoom, remember that the ZDoom wiki is a valuable resource.

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