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Requesting the WAD file format for Doom/doom2

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hullow people, how are you? :)

well, i think this was asked several times in several threads, let me do it once, because i didnt get with the real stuff i wanted.

can you give me links where i can get with the most complete and detailed ( zip if you can ) about the specs of Doom/Doom2 Wad File Format? entries, maps, etc. i got some in the internet, but they are some incomplete, some others are not very well related, others are wtiten in several htnl pages ( i would like a zip, or a single doc file).
since now, thanks for your help. Hope your answers ^_^

Good Luck.

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thanks dude,

i like the "wiki" link, it's very good and complete, thanks.
anyways if someone else has other things to contribute, im fine. :)

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