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Memes for Dummies

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Have you guys realized lately that internet memes and in-jokes are starting to break outside of our computers? Not only has the dancing banana and a demo of E1M5 made it onto family guy, but more internet jokes are making it onto television everyday.

Now, I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, some jokes online are quite good, and can be appreciated on the box, but eventually, we'll probably an obscene amount. I can see it now, YTMNDTV, or better yet, YTMNSFWDTVOMGWTFBBQ.

It's the same deal with the Crazy Frog, a wierd little sound file on some obscure website, that then graduates to a few better sites, then, it get's it's diploma when a character is built from it. Many paychecks later, there have been plans for a crazy frog television show. Yippie, time to hang myself.

In all, I think that these memes will continue to intermingle, and I'll continue to dislike modern television. YTMND can have a new headline, thanks to me: "Ruining the internet, and television, one bad joke at a time."

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Comiclez said:

Not only has the dancing banana...

The PBJ Time on Family Guy had to be THE WORST joke on there yet...although the Doom reference was great.

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Bashe said:

The PBJ Time on Family Guy had to be THE WORST joke on there yet...

I don't think I've seen that, even though I'm sure I've seen all the episodes, except maybe one or two from the new season.

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You did? Sorry Ling, I didn't know...I'll turn it into a link instead, so my post retains some purpose.

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Linguica said:

hey we voted to make big ouchface a bannable offense just fyi


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-_DLD_- said:

Why, was Zarkyb really abusing it or something?

Yes, and to make things worse a handful of other community members started posting the big ouchface too.

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Well, comedy and entertainment will take sources from anywhere. Of course, that depends on whether or not it's funny standing on its own. (I'm using the word "funny" for the purpose of the argument only.) Something that solicits an instant reaction like "Badger Badger" or universally recognizable like Doom is more likely to move to the mainstream than, say, a phrase like "roffle my waffles" or most fad-a-day YTMND sites-- which have a contextual history no one wants to dig into.

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Oh, ok. Wait, I thought that was E1M 6... wtf?

*goes back to play original DooM*
*fails it*

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