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ZDoom and Decorate

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There was a wad released recently under the name WRW.wad, which used ZDoom's DECORATE feature to add new weapons to the game, unfortunately, when I went to play it, it gave me errors such as "'Inventory.pickupmessage' unknown actor property". Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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(from Zdoom.org)
Q. Why haven't you incorporated all the DECORATE enhancements Graf Zahl gave you, you miserable cur? Why must we use an unofficial build if we want them?
A. Because it has provisions for Use, Pickup, and Drop states for items. There is really nothing wrong with this, except they use what is essentially animation data to do this. To me, this seems like a kludge, and I don't especially want to implement a poor man's scripting language like this.

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