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doom3 monster hand to hand

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Man those trites are annoying. All they ever do is bute at you and piss the living daylights out of you. The first time you fight them, they do a number onyou and you are unable to even fight them.

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Thats them, you never know how many theres going to be and they like to attack from all sides. but if you have good plasma there generaly not a problem, if you can keep your distance.

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Yeah Trites can be really annoying because your view kicks up so hard when they hit you... but the Cherubs are even worse.

I probably would most enjoy battling it out against an Imp.

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Trites are one of those things I wouldn't ever go near, let alone to punt. They bring up something in my brain that just disturbs me to no end. I'd say pitting a couple Cherubs against two Trites and a Tick would be a good battle.

Hell Knights or Mancubii against a gaggle of Revenants would make for an interesting fight, or perhaps a swarm of Imps at long range rushing a pair of Arch-Viles. Oh yeah.

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Stealthy Ivan said:

Trites are a joke...

So much of a joke I just hang back and pistol them. Now cherubs, are they're a whole different game altogether, I have no tactics except; side step early, shotgun them, get hurt while reloading, miss them as they claw your face, die. I just throw a grenade in to where they'll emerge from.

You do know you can watch all these fights in DOOM3Edit;

1) make room
2) set enemies
3) in each of the monsters characteristics, under enemy, type the object name of the enemy you want it to fight.
4) play map

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