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WAD Manager

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Well I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of wads and text files.... ALL in one folder...
And I can never think of a streamlined way to edit them!

I was wondering if there is a utility for this?
I have been thinking about it recently.
Maybe if the source for iTunes (obviously not, but a similar program) would be released so we could organise our doom levels like this.

So they could have id tags like MP3s so you could sort by author, # of levels, port, game mode, IWAD etc.

Maybe this has already been done?
Maybe not?
If some programmer reads this...I would be willing to chip in at LEAST $50 to a project...
maybe others would find a utility like this as valuable as I would?

email: alastair@windir.info

Edit: Anyone wanna make some money by making a cool WAD MUS player =P

'do it yourself'
...shut up, i'm only asking.

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