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Doom 1.10

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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere!

I am looking for an un-modified, non-user created version of doom for windows (preferred) or dos, it is version 1.10. I MUST have version 1.10! and it MUST run under dos or windows

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Grazza said:

This page offers a patch to downgrade Ultimate Doom (v1.9) to Doom v1.1 Registered.

You can also get the version 1.1 shareware here (and other historical versions here).

The downgrade is corrupt! (my pc says its only 75 kb!?!) So, could you send it to me? (The downgrade)

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Grazza said:

Oops. You can get it here instead.


PS: Oops! I forgot that I needed to get DOS Doom 1.9! lol!

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