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doom64 cfg + DoomBuilder help

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Okay, so I want to map in doom builder with doom64. I have the cfg file from the absolution folder. The readme says to place the cfg file in the doombuilder directory to map with doom64. Well, when try to open doombuilder, it says that there is an error in the cfg file, that it cant load because there is an error in the text. So what is wrong? Any help would be INCREDIBALY thankfull. Thanks.

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http://numerometria.com/d64custm.htm said:

Editing Absolution maps:

As far as I know, the only map editors that can be used with Doom64TC are Doom Builder and DeePsea. Configuration files for both of these editors are included with the Absolution download package.

The .cfg file for Doombuilder is outdated, however, and will not work with the current version (1.66). Fortunately, Nuxius has also re-constructed this file so it works properly, and allowed me to make it available here:

Doom64 builder (6KB)


*Another note:
Doom Builder will still display an error message that required textures and flats cannot be found. The program will still work fine though, so just ignore this error.

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Thanks you so much for the help!
Okay, so the cfg file works now, but everything else dosent. I am able to get to the map building, but I cant get textures to appear. When I edit I get a runtime error, that it cant select a subject. Also, when I test a map, using the Absolution exe, the programquits because it cant find an Iwad file, even though I uploaded it via the files tabs. What is wrong?

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http://numerometria.com/d64custm.htm said:

Playing a custom map in Absolution:

Simply load the new map into the folder: "C:\Absolution\Bin\Data\doom64\Auto"

Start a newgame and use the console to warp to the proper level.

*Important note:
Absolution will automatically load any custom map in this folder and substitute the original when the game is started.
To play the normal levels again, the custom maps must be removed.

Nuxius has suggested a much more convenient way to play custom maps:

Create a new folder called maps: Bin\Data\doom64\maps
Start Absolution then bring down the console and type: "load maps/mapname.wad" before starting a new game.

Using this method, you don't need to swap them in and out of the auto folder.

*The only bad thing about this method is that you will not be able to reload a saved game from the custom map unless the map wad is actually in the auto folder.

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Thanks, but I still have a problem. When I am editing, I want to put textures on the walls. With the ABSOLUTION wad as my IWAD, I try to get a texture on the walls, but then doombuilder will quit with a runtime error that says that there is no object selected. What do I do.

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When does that happen? When you hit the tab key to bring up all the textures, or when you select the texture?

Moving back to the cfg file, I currently have one in progress that:

a)adds the the new things/linedef actions from the Outcast levels

b)gets rid of the stupid "can not find texture so and so" error that pops up when you first open a map

c)adds things into 3D mode (for 1.67 only).

A and B were easy, it's C that takes time.

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Figured. That's the super well known bug that everyone was complaining to CodeImp about soon after 1.67 was released.

It will be fixed for the next version.

For now, there are only 2 choices:

1)whenever you start making a new D64 map, for the first time you choose one of the textures, type the name of it in instead of selecting it via the browser. This will get around the crash. You only have to do it for the first wall/floor textures you select though, once you have one in use you don't have to worry about it anymore.


2)download DoomBuilderX and use it instead.


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