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Naked Snake

First Day

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It was a harsh, humid day, the unrelenting sun bathed the planet in brilliant light, bringing life to a new day.

The desert plains of New Mexico baked, the breeze was non-existant today, forcing all to venture outside to bear the heat with no comfort. Standing at the tram-stop were three very uncomfortable scientists, their regulation uniforms of "respectable" pants, dress-shirts and lab coats made the heat even more intolerable.

One scientist, his name-tag reading "Gordon Freeman - LVL 0 AM TEMP SEC.", sipped a bottle of refreshing water. He finished the contents and tossed it in the proper receptacle next to him, sighing as he waited for the tram. The man next to him was reading a book, "The Interaction of Molecules in Space" by Dr. Wallace Breen, administrator of Black Mesa research facility.

Gordon leaned back and reflected on Black Mesa, the government's highest-classified research and development lab. Studying everything from advanced weapons to teleportation, Black Mesa was incredibly huge, with many levels below the ground and even more towering above it. Right now he was level 0 security, due to being a new arrival. Gordon's flat was supplied by Black Mesa on-site, it was the size of an average home, two floors filled with all the trimmings, a game room, a fully stocked den, library and computer room, rec hall and lavish living quarters, as well as a grand kitchen. They even replaced his 1985 Ford Tempo with a 2004 Ford Escort. After his security details were sorted out (he expected to have a level 3 security clearance, the highest possible for a scientist) and his retinal patterns logged in, he would have access to his office, shared with a fellow MIT graduate, though a few years before Gordon did.

"Ah, this book is drivel, can you believe his theory on neutrinos interacting within the context of larger particles? Absurd." the scientist complained, his nametag reading "Randy Hartford - LVL 3 AM + LVL 1 OR", which Gordon knew gave him higher access in the same department as himself, as well as low-level acess to Observation and Research. He had black hair with peppers of gray showing, a small bald spot on the back of his head reflected the sun's rays. He stroked his beard, continuing his reading.

With a cumbersome pace and a grinding roar the tram entered sight, its fading gray exterior promised respite from the heat inside the sealed cabin. With much deliberation it stopped in front of the caution-line and the doors opened, a chime sounding cheerily over the internal PA system.

"Welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System." welcomed a female voice with enthusiasm. Gordon entered the tram, wondering what his first day at work would be like.

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