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This is really starting to bug me. Whenever I get a level with custom sprites for ZDoom (e.g. UAC Labs) it won't work for some reason. I think I have to do something with a "command line" but I have no idea what one is. Can anyone help?

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Yes, you probably have to load multiple files.

For example, if I were to play Hell Revealed, you'd either have to drag and drop hr.wad and hrmus.wad on ZDOOM.exe OR type in -file hr hrmus in the command line, which is called "Target" under properties (this must be a shortcut, not the main .exe file). Remember to keep zdoom.exe in the target.

If you need to load a .deh patch as well, type in -deh appropriate patch in the command line as well.

Hopefully that clears things for you.

And shouldn't this be under Source Ports?

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