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Where can I find the sound effect for the BFG impact?

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I'm taking a computer game development class for fun and I've ran into a small problem. My game is heavily Doom based and it uses lots of sprites and sounds from the game. Right now, my problem is I'm lacking some of the sounds I need to use in my game. I'm a huge classic Doom fan so I want to make my game to drip with as much Doom astmosphere as possible. My game is a 2D Diablo style Doom game. It's going to be crappy by anybody's standards in appearance and will absolutely pale in comparison to Doom 2D (I'm using the same program that the author used to make that game, which is Game Maker). If there's one thing I'd like to get right, it's the sound effects.

So here's my question: Right now I'm lacking the sound effect for the BFG impact (I have the sound of it charging up and firing). Does anybody know where I can find that sound file? (preferably .wav or .mp3) To me it would sound really goofy if I have the sound of the BFG charging up and firing only to have a really gay substitute sound effect when it impacts with it's unfortunate victim. I'm also lacking the sound effect of the Super Shotgun firing from Doom 2.

If any of you know where I could get these sound files I would greatly appreciate the help. I have all the Doom games so it's a little frustrating that the sounds are right there but I just don't know how to extract them. My game may be crappy and sucks but I think the sound effects would make up for it's shortcommings if I have the right sounds. This is my final Game Project and it's due this Tuesday so I don't have much time left. Thanks

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The following programs are capable of extracting sounds from a WAD: Deepsea, XWE or NWT. The easiest to use is probably NWT (works only in DOS box) or XWE (for windows). Just read their manuals / text files on how to get the sounds you need.

Hope this helps!

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Yeah, XWE is really good. Though XWE can only play .mids and WINTEX can only play .mus for me. So I need to use both when listening to DOOM music. Heh.

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Hey thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it. I've always had a feeling there were programs to extract stuff from wad files but I wasn't sure what they were until now.

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