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xp problems :(

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Hello all I have been out of the community for a very log time and have a new computer .... I am suffering from deathmatch withdrawls ... x box does not do the trick for me I have all my old wads and know how to use all the ports but when I try to use legacy and or zdoom it freezes in the refresh deamon im thinking maybey perhaps because i am using windows xp ... I am an editor whos work has evolved of many many years but It has stalled because I can not run any of the new ports ... this saddens very much so does anyone have some tips with using ports on window xp ... I know my question is very vague but I do not know who else to turn to .... any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Best regards,

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Zdoom locks up in the refresh daemon...WTF? Are you using it right? Zdoom doesn't give that, and neither does Legacy. They should both work fine. Make sure you're using it right...I'm not sure why else it would lock like that.

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