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Floor Texture Errors

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Okay, so I uploaded 5 new flats to my wad. They're called DLDFLAT1-5 respectively.

They do appear in game, but WadAuthor doesn't like them. They're 64x64 flats, no errors at all, except they don't appear at all in WadAuthor, like on the flat list, and you get the big red "error" sign when trying to select them, too. If I just disregard it and type in DLDFLAT1 for my floor texture, it says "Linedef whatever has a bad floor texture." in the error checker.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the textures work perfectly, but is there any way to make it so WadAuthor recognizes them? Do I need a lump file? Having 195 errors in a perfect map is annoying.

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Well, I hope this helps, but If it dont then I duno what to say.
*Requirements, XWE*
First open the wad in XWE, and import the images. Make shure they are allready using the doom pallet or are atleast 8bit, unless you are using a high rez port in whitch youd need to do something different.
Now what you do is make 2 markers and name these FF_START and FF_END.
Put the textures between these markers, and then one at a time select a texture and go "EDIT > SAVE AS DOOM FLAT"
Clean up the excess size of the wad (should be under "FILE")

... Now Im going to go verify all this, bbl to confirm all this :P

By the way, hope this helps :)
Yeah, its all good, that should be how you do it.
Dont ask about High rez though, cause i dont want to go looking up how to do it, its probably easyer, but in wadauthor i think youd be still stuck with the error checker's "Invalid flat" error or w/e the crap it says. *Quits rambling* Good Luck :)

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Yeah, FF_START and FF_END should solve this, and remember: if those flats are ok when playing VANILLA doom, they should be shown without problems in WA as well.

EDIT: Looked at my map made eons ago, actually, it's FF_START and F_END

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Perfect. Thanks very much guys!

Thread purpose has been served. Any Mod caring to lock this can go right ahead.

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