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good weapons mod for doom 3. where can i find it

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Hi everybody I looking for a good weapons mod for Doom 3

I need one that increeses the weapons speeds and also give the weapons a biger clip size

(E.g gives the shotgun 16 in a clip)

so if anybody in this Forum can tell me wich one dose this please fell free to E-mail me at fsa_grunt@hotmail.com

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Well, there are two things I can think of:

1. Try out this weapon upgrade mod. I havent tried this one myself and I dont know how much you'll like it.

2. Do it yourself. It's easy!

Clip sizes are defined in the games .def files. These are located in doom3\base\pak000.pk4. Pk4 files can be opened with any unzipping program, or simply rename the .pk4 extension to .zip and use windows explorer to look through the contents.

Inside this particular file, you'll see a few directories, one of which is called "def". Go in there and look for the def file for whatever weapon you want to change. The files can be opened in notepad. For now let's try changing the shotgun's clip size.

Open weapon_shotgun.def and look for a line that says "clipSize". To the right of this you'll see its vlue is 8, indicating that the shotgun will hold 8 shells at maximum. Simply change this to whatever new number you wish. You can then either save the file inside of the pk4 or save it into doom3\base\def, which is my preferred method since it means Im not overwriting anything. The file will be loaded "on top of" any of its copies inside of the pk4s and will take precedence. You can create the def director inside doom3\base if it doesnt exist already.

To change firing speed we do something similar. Again, look inside of pak000.pk4 and look for another directory called "script". In there, look for weapon_shotgun.script and open it in a text editor. Towards the top you'll see a line that says:

#define SHOTGUN_FIRERATE 1.333

Changing this will alter the firing rate. Higher values make it slower. Again. save this back into the pk4 or create a "script" directory inside doom3\base and save it into there.

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how low should i make the shotgun firerate so that it fires really fast and all the other weapons to

becuse i tride all kind of diforent firerate numbers for the shotgun and all the others be the weapons firerate seems to fire slow and it tride to edit the firerate for the shotgun to about 0.001 but it fires like nothing happend

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madmax said:

how low should i make the shotgun firerate so that it fires really fast and all the other weapons to

Whoops, there's was something i overlooked. Along with changing SHOTGUN_FIRERATE you must also adjust how the game handles the post-firing animation. Easiest way:

Look for a function called weapon_shotgun::fire (again this is in the script file). It's going to look something like this:

void weapon_shotgun::Fire() {
	float ammoClip;

		weaponState( "Reload", SHOTGUN_IDLE_TO_RELOAD );			

	next_attack = sys.getTime() + SHOTGUN_FIRERATE;
	ammoClip = ammoInClip();
	if ( ammoClip == SHOTGUN_LOWAMMO ) {
		startSound( "snd_lowammo", SND_CHANNEL_ITEM, true );
	launchProjectiles( SHOTGUN_NUMPROJECTILES, spread, 0, 1.0, 1.0 );
	playAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, "fire" );
	weaponState( "Idle", SHOTGUN_FIRE_TO_IDLE );
See that bold line? That tells the game to wait for the firing animation to complete, Which adds an extra delay on top of the firerate. Try commenting out the line using a double slash so it looks like this:


This will elimate the delay produced by the post-fire animation. Unfortunately it also eliminates the post-fire animation itself. I'll see if I can get something worked out for that.

Edit: Ok, copied and modified some of the machinegun code to re-institute the post-firing animation while being able to interrupt it.

Insert the following code below that line we just finished commenting out:
		currentTime = sys.getTime();
		ammoClip = ammoInClip();
		if ( ( currentTime >= next_attack ) && WEAPON_ATTACK && ( ammoClip > 

0 ) ) {
			weaponState( "Fire", 0 );
This wil give us back the "fire_to_idle" animation, but now we will be able ton interrupt said animation in order to accomodate our custom firerate. If you need further adjustments you can also alter the value of SHOTGUN_FIRE_TO_IDLE which is defined near the top of the file.

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Hay Amaster can you do this scipt and def for the weapons for me cuse I tryed doing it Myself but it din't work

cuse I'm a newbie

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