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Problem with my wad (plz help me) ["Level authentication failed"]

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hi, i have made my own doom level with doom biulder and when i put it on a server there are no problems , but when i play it it says
"Authenticating level....
Level authentication failed
please make sure you are using the exact same wad(s) as the server and try again

but i have the wad in my doom 2 folder so it should work plz tell me the problem and the answer thanks!!!

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We need more info :

1) what program (zdaemon, skulltag, skulltag online)

2) is the wad you are trying to play in two different places, if so, the second wad may be an earlier version if you tested it out previously, perhaps you forgot to overwrite it

3) did you add DM starts, coop starts, etc.?

4) did the wad work with a server during playtesting, if you did that at all, and if so, what changes did you make after that.

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