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first instrumental song

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Created my first instrumental song electronically. It's not that great but I think it's ok for a first song. I used Reason 2.5 to make the song. Here is my studio:

And here is the link to the song:

Download link

Let me know what you like/hate about it.

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Not bad. If a level of Doom took a breather for you to see the carnage the demons brought with them, that'd be the music.

Too me it feels like I'm strolling through desolation, to start with. At the drum solo (I think it counts as one) I'm seeing the first shocking images of carnage, as the high keyboard notes pop in the scenes get sadder, and as the last quartre plays out I'm leaving the tradgedy behind. This is basically what I see, when I listen.

and for a first attemp it was extremely good, it stirred those emotions. Excellent work, keep'em coming.

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Technician said:

Pretty good. But more important. Where did you get that mouth pad.

Thanks. lol...I got it at quakecon '04.

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Nice and atmospheric, but the melody is a bit repetitive especially at the end. Some chord variations would improve this piece significantly as well. Still, it's good for a first short composition.

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