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Mancubus II

Mount Your Wad

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What the hell am I talking about? I'm referring to FusePak, a neat little program for *nix users that let's one mount a WAD or PAK file and work with it like a filesystem. It requires FUSE to operate (provides the core system). Thanks Russell for this peculiar yet interesting find.

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Whoa, this is very similar to the idea I had just yesterday morning, which involved writing a plugin for a command shell I wrote that would provide, basically, commands to work with the wad file as if it were a directory. Basically, it would create a shell for a wad. But the major difference between my idea and this was that mine was cross-platform (fully written in .NET with Mono).

Still, I can see where this is going to be very helpful :)

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Hmmm, mounting a wad as an ftp directory might actually be a good idea, assuming you trust everyone who has access to it.

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