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Powerful Monsters

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Some fun with ZDOOM

Hello boys and girls, we have a lesson to learn. Today we are going to proof if the Cyberdemon is the king of the Doom enemies.

Chaos Elemental (SP_SIMP.WAD)

Use ZDOOM and warp to MAP32, kill all the Nazis and release the Cyberdemon. Open console and type "summonfriend chaoselemental", the Chaos Elemental will attack the Cyberdemon.


Warp to any level and in the console type

kill monsters
summon cyberdemon
summonfriend wolfensteinss (Afrit)
freeze (to unfreeze)

Make sure the monsters are summoned about 500 units from each other so they have space to move, thats why the freeze command comes in handy. Enjoy and have fun. The Afrit will attack the Cyberdemon. Once you have done it, you can try the above by "summon spidermastermind" and see what the Afrit or Chaos Elemental does to the Spider Mastermind.

MassMouth 2 (Massm2.wad)

In the Final Level (MAP14), make Romero attack you. Summon some friendly Lost Souls (Romero Heads). Summon a friendly Doomimp for a Friendly Romero. Summon a bossbrain for the complete Romero experience!

summonfriend lostsoul
summonfriend doomimp
summon bossbrain

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Well yes.. But summoning a ChaosElemental in the Grosse stage makes the monster crippled because he doesn't have a scraipted attac kanymore, which is the key aspect of the ChaosElemental

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Yeah, without the scripted attacks it's not exactly the most useful monster there is. Perhaps you should try warping to map20 and summoning during the boss fight? Even then I'm not sure how well it would do against a cyberdemon. :P

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pcorf said:

summonfriend wolfensteinss (Afrit)

Those flying barons in Scythe 2 are Commander Keen replacements. Wolfenstein SS soldiers are replaced by plasma marines

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