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Decorate Help with monsters and weapons

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I've just finished making and Decorating a weapon. The game runs just fine..but...i cant select the weapon when I use idkfa for some reason. The weapon is called GargWand and i've placed the key configuration as the following.

weaponsection Resources

setslot 1 Fist Chainsaw
setslot 2 Pistol GargWand
setslot 3 Shotgun
setslot 4 Chaingun
setslot 5 RocketLauncher
setslot 6 PlasmaRifle
setslot 7 BFG9000
setslot 8
setslot 9
setslot 0

can someone tell me whats wrong?

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I'm not sure if IDKFA gives you decorate weapons, I just use the 'give all' console command.

You didn't misspell the KEYCONF or DECORATE lumps did you? Is the 'GargWand' named just that in your decorate? Will it work properly with empty 8, 9 and 0 slots? They don't need to be defined if there is nothing there.

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