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I'm trying to make sloped surfaces in my WAD. I used a tutorial from DOOM Realm, but there's a problem. The tutorial says this:

Select LineDef 1, and right-click it to enter the Line Properties dialogue. Click on the Line Effect button and choose the Plane > Plane Align (Slope) line effect.

The problem is, there is no Line Effects button or anything that suggests sloping (that I can find) anywhere in either tab of the properties dialog, nor any tool/menu bar in the program. I even scoured through "Line Actions" just in case it was in there and I can't seem to find it.

I'm using version 1.67, which I assume is the latest version. Can anybody give me a hand here?

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Ah...well that answers that. But since I'm making this primarily to put on ZDaemon...are sloped surfaces compatible with it? Cuz I've never seen any on there.

I'm editing in regular DOOM 2 mode...is there a way I can switch modes without having to start over?

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DOOMinator said:

Thanks. Can ZDaemon support maps with sloped surfaces?

Yes. At the very least sloped lines, if not some of the sloped things as well.

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DOOMinator said:

Ah ok. I was confused since I've never seen a map on there with anything like that.

Yeah that's because you'll see mostly doom2 map01 and dwango5 map01.

(not to say ALL servers are like that, but come on folks am I right or am I right?)

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Don't forget the BRIT WADs!

Yeah, to a point that is the truth. There are some other decent maps on there but it's nothing outside the realms that standard DOOM 2 could support (with the exception of some embedded DEH's)

I take it SkullTag or something else has better servers, eh?

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TheDarkArchon said:

Are you editing in either ZDoom mode.

I don't mean to resurrect an old thread...but I'm running into the same problem myself.

Which ZDoom format are you supposed to use to make slopes and such? (like NSEXL_B.WAD)

I tried all of them but they all give me IWAD issues. I set up zdoom.wad for the ZDoom formats and jdoom.wad for the jDoom formats but they all give me errors. How do I fix this so I can make slopes, wind, and such?

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Use your Doom(2) IWAD and I was refering to either mode. In Doom in Hexen mode, you use line special 181. This special takes 2 arguments, Align Floor and Align Ceiling. Setting the argument to 1 aligns the floor/ceiling on the front and 2 aligns floor/ceiling on the back. Keeping the appropiate argument at zero does not slope the floor/ceiling on eiteher side of the linedef.

In Doom in Doom format (essentially Boom with a few bolts on, including slopes), you use line specials 340 - 347.

340 - Align front floor
341 - Align front ceiling
342 - Align front floor and ceiling
343 - Align back floor
344 - Align back Ceiling
345 - Align back floor and ceiling
346 - Align back floor and front ceiling
347 - Align front floor and back ceiling

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