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Yadex question.

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I am using Yadex and I am wondering when the Hexen support will be updated and if anyone is working on the Hexen support. I was making a map with the Hexen mode on Linux this morning and it was a shame that I could not save it. I have had many problems with Zeth so I want to be able to use Yadex to make a Hexen map.

Although I know I would need a way to insert the BEHAVIOUR lump. but this should not be too hard.

Any yadex helpers out there listening?

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I have a patch (by Janis Legzdinsh iirc) which improves Hexen support in Yadex. I will upload it to my Yadex Patch Page in the next day or two. I haven't tested it myself.

Edit: it is there now.

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