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Dear Santa... (SpecOcs DooM)

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I know this is wat late but how about a Christmas map. Instead of dark and dreary it can be dim with Christmas lights everywhere, with Christmas song soundtrack and all. Every monster has a Santa hat on !!!the mancubi can be dressed like Santa and fire presents out of their brightly coloured cannons, the Cherubs can be elves with hammers and ribbons!!! Alter the weapons to fire sparks and change enemy projectiles into baubles or Christmas shaped plasma or whatever.

Infact, you can do it next year. I'm not bothered, it should really be a one time thing, not for difficulty or completing but just a fun run through, y'know... "I wonder what the Cyb will look like!" Just for fun.

Infact what would be cool is a whole range of things e.g; Halloween Doom, Doom3 except instead of 99% cheap scares we make it 100% with cheesy noises! Or Thanks giving... all the enemies are 2D turkeys.

A whole pack of Special Occasion levels! I've only just got Doom3 back on my comp + I've only just managed to build a single room :(
But hey, if anyone out there has time on their hands and experience in their bones please get my letter to Santa.

EDIT, I think this should have gone into the Mod ideas thread :(.

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No holiday mod idea's deserve there own threads. These would be cool and might get more people playing seeing how there's like 100 people playing it online :l

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