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Even More Doom News.

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I have downloaded the Dosdoom v0.65 source code that has ddf support and should compile on Linux and I am considering moving to that because I have had enough of dosdoom v0.61, that is a p.o.s and the dosdoom 0.653 source tree is more of what I wanted out of a source port. I am downloading the rhide ide for Linux and I am going to try and compile the game and get it working on Linux. It requires Allegro, but that is cool, Better than Libx11 I bet. Although i have gotten the original dosdoom source tree with the sndserver to run on my Linux system, I actually do not want to use SDL if I can get the game working with the existing code. And Allegro can be had on Win32 and Linux, although I tried a dosdoom v0.64 binary on Windows 2000 and it was a no-go so I will be concentrating on Linux.

I just hope that the v0.653 is more stable than the .61 release. And A version of dosdoom with ddf support would really kick arse!

Then you could extend the game without hacking on the code endlessly, you could just create a ddf modification. That would rule!

And I will put the files on geocities so that the downloads will actually work ;(

damn Tripod.

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