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I just remembered that the Doom Programming Gurus CD is screwed up.

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While digging through some old CD-ROMs, I found the one that went along with my old "Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus" book ... since Waded always crapped out on me after a certain point in the book's tutorials, I never got to see the complete map. So for nostalgia's sake I decide to fire it up, before I remembered that I also never saw the finished product because the maps that showed the book's progress were only half-there. Is this the same for all copies, or did I just get a crappy CD?

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I think there is a pre-completed wad that the was created in the tutorial. It is in one of the wad directories. I thought that it had the word arena in it and there was a doom and a doom 2 version. I could get out my cd but I'm too lazy. If you can't find it I'll take another look.

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