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How do I make projectiles shootable?

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Beacuse this projectile is lethal, and will be used by the bosses, I wated to make it possible for you to shoot it down before it more of less kills you in 1 hit. I put the following commands and parameters down and i still can't shoot them down when I use a weapon that launches them.

ACTOR SoulShot
Health 40
Radius 8
Height 8
Speed 15
Damage 1
Scale 1.0
Renderstyle SoulTrans
ALPHA 0.67
ReactionTime 18
ExplosionDamage 32
ExplosionRadius 64
DeathSound "weapons/suldth"
JSUL A 4 Bright A_SeekerMissile (90,90)
JSUL A 0 Bright A_Explode
JSUL A 0 Bright A_CustomMissile ("WhitePuff",0,0,0,0)
JSUL B 4 Bright A_SeekerMissile (90,90)
JSUL B 0 Bright A_Explode
JSUL B 0 Bright A_CustomMissile ("WhitePuff",0,0,0,0)
JSUL A 0 Bright A_CountDown

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I'm not sure if shootable projectiles are a good idea for a boss monster as the player can put them out of the board by attacking the monster with an automatic weapon (like Sarge in DOOM³). This may be diferent if the boss fire many at a time, in diferent directions from diferent spots.

By the way, did you added another creature to your mod? Any chance you could include the Motherdemon?

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OH, dont worry. The bosses has 7 different weapon. I Had to let the player shoot down this one because it's proven to be extremely deadly. It would kill you before it even touch you. I managed to kill the Spidermastermind with this weapon (which the bss also uses) with just 1 shot. It's basically 4 homing ripper projectils that seem to rip right through the boss demons because of their large radius.

And yeah, the boss fires 4 of them, including 4 of a nother type of homing projeciles at the same time.

And Yes, I've added another boss demon to the mod, but its not the mother demon. I will add a creature similar to the mother demon (I didnt want to use Doom 64 sprtes suz they dont look very good when pasted into doom. And I wanted to make this mod have more or less the same gameplay as doom; no alternate fire or any of that jazz) I Named this the HellSmith, basically a monster idea (yet another) stolten from Diablo 2. It's based on the Maulitaur from Heretic and Hexen, but has two hammers and will transform into another similar monster (but a lot more poewrful) after you get him down to 50% health. If you want the sprites, I can send them to you in a wad, I've already implemented him in.

Byt the way, do you know how to increase a monster's Melee range? I cant seem to make this monster want to use his melee attack (instant kill, more of less). He Tends to want to just walk around me and Not hit me with thos massive hammers or just fling projectiles at me even at point blank. I was wondering is there a certain radius a monster has before he cant reach someone with melee, so some sort of built in max melee range. I Want to give him longer reach since he has longer arms.

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Sorry I'm a n00b about the decorate stuff (among many other things). The only suggestion I can give you is to set the attack code pointer in all the melee frames, on this way it turns a lot harder to avoid it. Something like this (on the Demon).

Close range attack:
sargE attack code pointer speed 2 or 1
sargF attack codepointer speed 2 or 1
sargG attack codepointer speed 2 or 1

Other idea is to give explosion damage to the walking frames but give the boss flag to the creature so it isn't damaged by them. Something like an invisible and damaging force field.

Your mod sounds very interesting, it promise to have a place in the 2006, Thirteen years of DOOM for sure (if it's released of course). Your deathknight is motivating me to make a Hexen mod, I started designing some monsters for it I could send you them once I get something.

About the sprites I'd love to see the first frame, if you don't want to make it public send me PM, or to alexisaiello @ hotmail.com

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add +solid and it should work. It needs to be solid in order for things to collide and such with it. I think that should do it. You may also want to add -noblockmap to that list too and see what it does.

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